May 16, 2008

baby chub {birmingham, al newborn photographer}

He's getting that sweet baby chub. I love it!!! He's also discovered that his hands are very yummy. =)And I couldn't decide which conversion I liked the best so you get two copies of that picture. =)
This picture is for the grandparents who don't believe us when we talk about the crying we get to experience every day.
And of course no baby post is complete without some feet. =)He's also discovered himself in the crib mirror. So cute!!Not sure what was going on when he made this face but I thought it was cute. LOLAnd, finally, gotta love those baby blues!And now the lovely commentary is over. =)

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Table for 3 said...

Those are AMAZING photos, as usual! He sure is a beautiful little boy! And I'm with you, I couldn't decide on a favorite out of those first two.