June 1, 2009

party package {birmingham, al photographer}

I'm so excited to offer a fun, new package!! As many of you moms out there know, it's very hard to get pictures of your kid's birthday parties let alone any with you in them. We're so busy planning and hosting the parties that pictures often take a backseat and by the time the party's over, you might have one or two pictures but that's it. Is this sounding familiar to anyone? =) Well, with this new JMP package, you can let me handle getting those "must have" shots while you sit back and enjoy the event.

With this package you get:
- 2 hours of party time/pictures (extra time is available)
- an online proofing gallery with the option of ordering any a la carte prints at a 25% discount
- 50 4x6 prints from the event (photographer's choice) plus a stylish, photo safe box in which to keep your prints
The cost of this package is $100 and is available for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, and family celebrations. Sorry, this package is not available for weddings. =)


KariAnnS said...

This is a flippin' BRILLIANT idea!!! I always make my BIL take photos for me. Awesome idea! People would be crazy NOT to take you up on this!

Sylvia Borgo said...

Great, great idea! It is so hard to take pictures, be a host, AND enjoy the party! This is a great opportunity for all party throwers!