October 20, 2009

more boys {gardendale, al photographer}

Here's another recent shoot I had with two boys and their parents. These little guys were so fun to play with and were so funny to watch. It was obvious they adore each other just as brothers should. =)
I saved this image for last because it's my absolute favorite. Once I get home from each session, I can't wait to look back over all the images on my computer. There's always one or two pictures that literally bring tears to my eyes. Well, this was the image from this session. I love it in black and white and hope their mom does as well. {You can click on the images to make them larger.}Thanks guys!!


gottaluvboyz said...

Ohhh...too cute! You have been blessed with some very handsome boys and beautiful families to photograph lately. I'm sure the parents will be thrilled with these:)

Lelia said...

Melt my heart!!!!

Joy said...

Jenney, just love that fourth shot. So sweet! Mom will love these, I know.