November 24, 2009

absolutely adorable {springville, al photographer}

{Disclaimer: I had a VERY difficult time deciding which pictures to post so you get to see a lot of them.}
These two were absolutely adorable for their session. Mom had them dressed so cute but I honestly believe they'd have been sweet in burlap sacks. =) Big sister is so devoted to her little brother - it was so sweet to watch. Thanks for a fun (but cold) afternoon guys!!This last photo is posted purely for selfish reasons. My youngest son is just a couple months older than this little guy so I'm very familiar with toddler "quirks" these days. In face, this little guy and my little guy could've been separated at birth - they're VERY much alike. Well, towards the end of our session he discovered the greatest source of entertainment for a toddler - a curb. For about 10 minutes straight this little guy would step up on the curb and then step back down and just laugh. You could tell he was very proud of himself. Of course I had to snag a picture (or two). Thanks for humoring me. =)


Jennifer said...

These look wonderful! (But, I may be a tad biased:) I am going to have a very difficult time deciding which ones to get. Thank you for being so patient with the little one and for taking such beautiful photographs.

Melissa Wells said...

wow! I love these... they are great! Where did you take them?

Heather said...

How cute! Good job Jenney!!