December 2, 2009

three cousins {mt. olive, al photographer}

You might recognize a couple of these kiddos from my last post. Their mom wanted to have some pictures taken for this side of the family as well. =)

For those of you who are photographers this was my first session using my new baby. My VERY sweet husband had surprised me with it for an early Christmas gift and I was VERY anxious to use it. It did not disappoint. Some of these were taken with an ISO as high as 2000. AMAZING!

Ok, back to the pictures. This little girl is a country girl. How do I know this? Because she found a cricket and PLAYED with it. I, however am not a country girl so I used a zoom lens and stayed far away. =)
{You can click on each image to see them larger.} Aren't these kiddos so cute? Thank you so much Ashley for allowing me to capture the sweetness {and a little craziness} that are your kids. =)


ashleyk6344 said...

Jenny was a JOY to work with (on both occasions). She was SUPER patient and eager to make the shoot as enjoyable as possible for the children...even allowing them to play a little football between pics.

:-) Ashley King

Joy said...

I love the way she is looking at big brother in the last image. That is so adorable!