June 17, 2010

sweet family {birmingham, al photographer}

I met up with this sweet family this past weekend. Mom wanted a family picture with everyone together so that was definitely on the agenda. Unfortunately, it was hot. I'm talking 102 degree heat index HOT. Thankfully, everyone was such troopers especially the kids. They took it all in stride and did exactly what I asked of them. Thanks so much guys!! I had a great afternoon with ya'll despite the heat. ;)


gottaluvboyz said...

Wonderful photos...that first group photo is just amazing! You can tell that it was warm with the kiddos rosy red cheeks. Love it!

Joy said...

Gorgeous family. I love the little one's curls!

mandii said...

hey jenney! it was so great to meet you last night, beautiful work! i love the little ones on those worn out stairs---