June 9, 2010

wait five minutes {morris, al photographer}

There's a saying in Alabama - if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. Boy, is that true these days. One minute it's hot and humid and the very next minute it's pouring down with thunder and lightning. Gotta love summertime in the south. ;-)

We managed to get this session in right beforeone of those evening thunderstorms and I'm so glad we did. These guys were so fun! Mom hadn't had a family picture done in years so that was definitely on the "must have" list and her teenage son definitely had his own ideas for pictures. Dad and daughter were just along for the ride. ;-) Thanks for a fun afternoon, guys!

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1 comment:

gottaluvboyz said...

Great photos, Jenney! While I don't know these people it seems like you captured them. As far as the teenage son...I really like those shots with the guitar!!!