August 6, 2010

giveaways galore! {birmingham, al photographer}

Just wanted to post a quick reminder about all the giveaways/promotions that are going on right now at JMP. They seemed to all hit at once so I want to try to ease any confusion that might be out there. ;)

1. Necklace Giveaway - The giveaway from nest EGgS design ends today at 6pm. It's open to anyone in the US and if you're a client of JMP you can use any of your photos in your gallery{ies}. See this post for how to enter: necklace giveaway!

2. Free Session and Discount on Session Fee - Magic City Mom is hosting a free session giveaway. It ends on Wednesday {8/11} so go find out how you can win! Also, see her website for details on how to get an AMAZING discount on your session fee. ;)

3. Free 8x10 for Facebook Fans - Technically they aren't called "fans" anymore but moving Jenney McAnnally Photography on Facebook and then suggest my page to all your FB friends. Post on the JMP wall how many friend suggestions you sent out and then you'll get a coupon for a free 8x10 from any future session. {This promotion will end once we have 500 fans and we're almost at 300 now so you don't want to miss this opportunity! Suggest us to your friends NOW!}

So if you're wanting fall or holiday pictures done, conceivably you could get an awesome deal on your session fee plus at least one free 8x10 {$15 value!} If any of those friends on FB book a session then you'll get another 8x10 for each friend who books. It adds up quick! You could have grandparents' Christmas gifts taken care of in no time. ;)

BTW, spots are filling up fast for this fall so book your session soon! You don't want to miss out! Call me at 369-8424 or email at

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