August 10, 2010

my guys {birmingham, al photographer}

It's been a while since I took some pictures of my own little guys "just because." We've done their birthday pictures in the past few months but sometimes it's fun just to be silly and play. This is our last day of summer vacation so we spent some time playing in front of the camera. Please excuse the large volume of pictures - I just couldn't not post these. ;)
These were all taken using my new backdrop. Since the weather's been so awful lately {um, 110 heat index!} I wanted a way to take pictures inside!! This backdrop is available to JMP clients who want something a little different. =)

{BTW, I've posted all my images from this morning in an online gallery. I'm asking fellow photographers for critique but if you want more cuteness feel free to go take a look!}

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Melissa said...

these are so cute! I love the ones with D playing with the camera =)