September 13, 2010

in between {birmingham, al photographer}

When I think of my boys growing up, I don't worry about them remembering the big moments - birthdays, awards ceremonies, first bike rides, etc. It'sthe "in between" moments I want them to treasure. The "cuddling with Mommy and Daddy in the bed on Saturday mornings" and "building a lego house with their brother" - those times are what I'll remember and cherish and I hope they will too. Yesterday, they found great amusement with a crib mattress on the floor. They played on it for an hour - flipping, rolling, jumping, whatever boys and their imaginations could come up with. I quickly grabbed my camera and recorded the memory for them.
A rare sweet moment.
And back to reality... {just in case you were wondering, the little one isn't waving but slapping his brother}


Melissa Wells said...

aww. your boys are precious! I guess this is what I have to look forward too =)LOVE LOVE the hugging pic

Kristin said...

I love it!!! As a fellow photoger, I have to remember to stop and take these shots as well. Thanks for more inspiration!!! Cute kidlets too : )

Heather Taylor Photography said...

what fun, everyday moment shots- I love them!! Your boys are so dang cute.

Lelia said...

I love D's posing!