September 18, 2009

sweet little boy {gardendale, al photographer}

This little guy was so much fun! He wasn't too sure about me at first but I think he had fun after all. We met up on a hot, sticky afternoon to capture some photos of him and I don't think his mom will be disappointed. =)
What's a little boy to do when he sees water? Of course! Jump right in.... =)
I saved these for last because they're my absolute favorites from the session. As a mom I know how hard these pictures are to get since we're usually the ones behind the camera. Melissa, I'm totally jealous that you have these photos! =)


Melissa Wells said...

Jenney, these pictures are awesome!! Love the one of him in the water and the one with mom. I know what you mean, I am never in the pics!! Kind of sad really! Little boys are so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute! I love the one where he is giving me a kiss. Can't wait to see them all! Thanks!

gottaluvboyz said...

Love these...the picture of him giving his mom a kiss melts my heart!!! Great job...she has to love these:)

Joy said...

These are so sweet! I love the last two. They really show the relationship between Mom and her sweetie.