August 21, 2010

first day of school

I'm trying something new here at the Jenney McAnnally Photography blog. For several years I've had a personal blog where I posted stories about my kiddos, scrapbooking projects, and basically anything I wanted to share. Well, it's become apparent to me that I cannot keep up that blog and this one. Since this blog brings in the bacon, this is the one I'm going to keep updating. ;) While I'll try not to bombardyou with pictures and stories of my two little hellions {um, I mean boys} I will post things from time to time that having nothing do with clients or my photography business. Thanks for being patient. And hey, if you're usually here for the professional pictures you might end up learning something new about papercrafting or Lightning McQueen. ;)

Now for the good stuff...

Last week was the start of school here in central Alabama. Dylan started 1st grade and Jackson started 2 year old preschool. Dylan has quickly learned that 1st grade is a little tougher than K5. Unfortunately, on the first day of school he wouldn't have any part of the picture taking festivities so this is the only shot I got. Needless to say, I was one unhappy momma. But the calm and quiet that came over my house at 8am that morning more than made up for it. ;)

Most of my close friends and family know that Jackson has some developmental delays. He has been in speech therapy and occupational therapy for the past year and has made tremendous progress. Thank goodness! Well, we were very excited for him to start school. Yes, it will give me a break but more importantly, will give him a great social setting. He'll be around other children and will hopefully improve his speech skills and social skills. We've been blessed with wonderful teachers at his school and he seems to really love it so far. Here are a few pictures I took of him on his first big day.

The all-important snack!

A highly nutritious breakfast of milk and a Pop Tart. Just in case you were worried about me winning Mom of the Year.

See? Told ya snack was important!

Can you tell he was DONE having his picture taken? =)


Melissa said...

oyour boys are adorable and that lunch box is SOOO cute!

gottaluvboyz said...

Dylan, you little stinker not letting mommy take your photo! You have a cool lunchbox, though;0 I cannot believe Jackson is old enough for school...they are growing all too quickly! Enjoy those few precious hours of P&Q when both boys are away at school, Jenney!

Lelia said...

This might be one of my favorite blog posts you've ever made! Love the little sarcastic comments. :P Also love the picture of Jackson in the middle of breakfast and snack exploration.