August 25, 2010

sweet baby j {mt. olive, AL photographer}

It's so hard to believe this little guy is 15 months old! His Mommy brought him to the studio last week and we had so much fun. He is so full of personality and so sweet.
He just so happend to take his first steps while he was here. =)
Towards the end of the session, he was getting sleepy. Of course I couldn't resist capturing the moment. ;) {I'm all about real life and any Momma knows this is real life!}
But we'll end on a much happier note. Who could resist this sweet smile??


Lelia said...

look at my sweet, sweet baby!

Thank you, Jenney, for these amazing photos! You rock! I still can't believe you were there to capture his very first steps. Was that luck, or what?!

gottaluvboyz said...

Wonderful photos, Jenney! How awesome you caught the first steps:) That first photo melts my heart!

AmyLynn Blake said...

Cute little guy!! Love the ones of him playing with the blocks... and the first one is so sweet.